Royal Mat inc. - Manufacturier de produits à base de pneus recyclés
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An environmental beachmark Heavy-duty truck mudlaps Rubber Crumb Quality recycled products Royal Mat 30 years
Dairy Residential Industrial
Equine Sport Transport


Features Benefits
Impermeable and non-slip surface
  • Mats provide greater stability and safety than concrete floors for standing or walking
  • Easy-to-clean surface prevents build-up of deposits of all kinds
  • Prevents infiltrations, bacterial problems and impurities underneath the surface when mats are properly sealed or interlocked together
Ultra dense vulcanized 100% recycled rubber
  • Surface resists deformation and will regain its initial shape after being subject to heavy weight
  • Very strong resistance to abrasions caused by mechanical or moving equipments
Specially-designed mat hardness
  • Good noise absorption
  • High resistance to wear
Insulating properties
  • Helps cut floor humidity and cold
  • Surface remains non-slip even under freezing condition

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