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Benefits of using the right stall mats

When choosing stall mats for your horses, never compromise! The comfort and safety of your horses should always be your primary concern. So the right stall mats cannot be too soft or too hard!

Mats that are too soft:

If a stall mat is too soft, the horses will lose their balance, which causes more strain on their joints. It will make them uncomfortable and may cause various joint and leg problems.


Horses may suffer from various illnesses affecting ligaments and tendons.

Mats that are too hard:

If a mat is too hard, it will not properly absorb the force of the animal?s legs when walking and the pressure may lead to poor vascular development of the chorionic tissue.


  • Premature wear of joints and joint issues
  • Long term diseases like arthritis may occur
  • Horses rest less and feel more stress
  • Potential weight loss over time

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